Meet our Team

Executive Director
Traci Tribley

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Office: (810) 245 0726
Cell: 989-277-7437

Traci Tribley is the dedicated Executive Director of Lions Bear Lake Camp, bringing her passion for creating positive experiences for campers since assuming the role in April 2022. Her philosophy is rooted in the belief that the answer is never a simple "no," but rather a challenge to find innovative ways to make things work and happen. With a management style characterized by fostering a cohesive team, Traci aims to build a work environment where the strength of the team is so evident that those looking in from the outside have no idea who the boss is. Her leadership approach emphasizes collaboration and mutual support, creating a space where everyone's contributions are valued. As a proud member of the Lions community, Traci Tribley has taken on the responsibility of leading Lions Bear Lake Camp, contributing her skills and commitment to the camp's mission.


Jesse Walling
Assistant Director/Site Manager

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Jesse has been a dedicated and integral part of Lions Bear Lake Camp since its inception in 1982.  With a wealth of knowledge and experience in maintenance and catering, Jesse is an invaluable asset to our beloved camp. Jesse's willingness to tackle any task at hand makes him the go-to person for getting the job done smoothly. From serving as a certified facilitator to ensuring the safety of our waterfront as an observer, Jesse effortlessly transitions between roles, showcasing a profound understanding of every aspect of the camp's operations. Whether it's lending a helping hand in the kitchen, maintaining the buildings and grounds, or overseeing equipment, Jesse's dedication knows no bounds. In every sense, Jesse is not just a team member but a cornerstone of Lions Bear Lake Camp.


Emily Chamberlain
Chrissy Andre

Food Directors

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Emily Chamberlain is one of our amazing Food Service Directors. From September to June, she is the Head Cook for Morrice Elementary, ensuring that the students get a taste of both nutritious and delicious meals. But when the summer campfire calls, Emily wears multiple hats, not just as a Food Service Director but she is also trained in everything from Waterfront Director to Challenge Course/Climbing Tower/Zipline Facilitator. Beyond her impressive skill set, Emily's heart belongs to the kids. It's not just about serving meals; it's about seeing the smiles and laughter of the young campers that makes her day. Lions Bear Lake Camp isn't just a job for Emily; it's a passion where she combines her love for cooking with a genuine connection to the camp community.

Chrissy Andre first started working at camp in 2021 and assumed the role of Food Service Director in 2022. In her role, Chrissy oversees the culinary operations catering to both summer campers and retreat guests throughout the seasons. She works to ensure that every meal served reflects the camp's commitment to quality and hospitality. Chrissy's soups are loved among campers and guests alike for their exceptional flavor and home cooked appeal. Supported by a skilled and dedicated team, they strive to create memorable dining experiences that exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression on every guest. 


Kenneth C. Gillotte BS, MAFS, CFLE
Challenge Course & Marketing Director
Master Family Life Educator

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Kenneth is an enthusiastic and empathetic leader.  He has an understating working with a multiculturally diverse population managing conditions.  Kenneth has 16 years of experience on the Low Ropes Challenge Course and Climbing Tower with Zip Line at Lions Bear Lake Camp. Kenneth is an advocate for individuals to better their lifestyle through education on how to make alternative choices and decisions. Kenneth promotes safe and healthy relationships from positive negements with others.   


Harleigh Morris
Visually Impaired & Blind Camp Coordinator

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Jessica Kennedy
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Family Camp Coordinator

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Jessica has worked as an elementary teacher for the Trenton Oral Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing since 2017. She began her journey at Lions Bear Lake Camp in 2012 contributing as a specialty staff member during our Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) sessions. Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to fostering growth and confidence in her students. Her love for teaching and creating positive environments extends beyond the traditional classroom setting, which has been evident in her role as the Director of DHH Family Camp since 2021. Lions Bear Lake Camp isn't just a seasonal retreat for her; it's a second home. Each summer, Jessica excitedly returns to witness the incredible growth of campers and to strengthen the bonds with her fellow staff members and camp family. Jessica Kennedy is a dedicated and passionate educator with a heart for creating inclusive and enriching experiences for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

Melissa Behnan

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program Coordinator

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She is a teacher in the Trenton Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing in MI.
Melissa has been working at camp and teaching since 2007.
Melissa serves on the board of directors for MI AG Bell and
is also the captain of the Walk4hearing team, Team Bear Lake. 


Dorothy Walling
Nature Center Director


 Dorothy Walling is a retired special education teacher whose passion for nature and dedication to working with children has left a postivie impact on Lions Bear Lake Camp. Since the camp's inception in 1982, Dorothy has been an essential part of our team, sharing her love for the outdoors among campers. Dorothy has made it her mission to ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, can fully engage with and appreciate the wonders of nature. Dorothy has been an active participant in the growth of Lions Bear Lake Camp.  Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she eagerly anticipates the upcoming renovations and upgrades to the Nature Center in the 2024 season. Dorothy's excitement reflects her dedication to creating an even more enriching and enjoyable experience for campers, ensuring that the Nature Center continues to be a core area of inspiration and discovery.



Summer Staff

Lions Bear Lake Camp summer staff is selected with care and trained thoroughly.
All staff undergo a series of background checks, and nearly all are trained in
American Red Cross First Aid and CPR/AED.
Our lifeguards are certified by the American Red Cross.


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