Esther LaMothe Fellowship Recognition Application Form

The Lions Bear Lake Camp Esther LaMothe Fellowship is a prestigious honor designed to recognize those whose unwavering commitment to community welfare and innovative youth programs has not only transformed lives but has also become a beacon of inspiration for others. The fellowship is open to Lions, Lions Clubs, Lions Districts, Individuals, Businesses, and offers a special category for Posthumous Recognition. The following criteria outline the eligibility and requirements for this prestigious award.


1. Lions: Members of Lions International who have demonstrated outstanding service and commitment to creating a brighter and more promising future for the generations to come.
2. Lions Club: Recognizes Lions Clubs that have made significant contributions to the betterment of their community and youth programs.
3. Lions Districts: Honors Lions District that have played a pivotal role in fostering positive change and enhancing the quality of life throughout their district.
4. Individuals: Outstanding individuals who have shown exceptional dedication to youth programs and mentorship efforts creating a meaningful impact in their communities.
5. Businesses: Companies that have actively engaged in community development and corporate social responsibility, contributing significantly to the well-being of their community.
6. Posthumous Recognition: Pays tribute to individuals who, even in their absence, have left a lasting legacy on their communities, fostering growth, resilience, and empowerment among the youth.

Contribution Requirements:

• A minimum contribution of $500.00 is required for each fellowship.
•Contributions may be funded by one or more individuals or groups.
•Funding may cover up to three consecutive years of fellowship support.
•Fellowships will not be officially awarded until the full contribution has been received.

Recognition Package:

• Each fellowship recipient will receive one acrylic award as a tangible symbol of their exceptional service and humanitarian support.
• A special fellowship pin will also be awarded to recipients, serving as a visible token of their commitment and impact.

The Lions Bear Lake Camp Esther LaMothe Fellowship is a means of acknowledging and celebrating the tireless efforts of Lions, Lions Club, Lions Districts, Individuals, and Businesses in creating positive change within their communities. It is an honor bestowed upon those who exemplify the values of service, compassion, and dedication that defines the spirit of Esther LaMothe and Lions Bear Lake Camp.



2024- Esther LaMothe PID
2024- Peggy Allen PCC
2024- Barry Allen PCC

Deadline for all forms is the 15th of the previous month needed. (Example: If request is needed for June Presentation, the deadline for application would be May 15). 

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