Lions Bear Lake Camp is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization

Lions Bear Lake Camp's Board is composed of members of the community who care about and support the mission of Lions Bear Lake Camp. 
They come from all walks of life across the great state of Michigan. 

If you are interested in serving on the Board, or one of its committees, please SEND US AN EMAIL HERE - we always welcome those willing to serve!


2021 Board Members

 Name           District / Club
Jack Becher      11A2 / Warren
Charles Blackburn    11C2 / Grand Ledge
Phyllis Blackburn       11C2 / Delta Dewitt Ledges Lions
Marguerite Bodiford     11A1 /  Detroit Mid City
Evelyn  Cooper      11A1  / Detroit Mid City
Jake Dasho     11D1 / Caro
Matt Doney      SD10  / Vulcan-Norway-Loratto
Dina DuBuis      11A1 /   Livonia Highnooners
Dan Gibbons      11 E1  / Onekama
Ron Gibson      11B2  / Portage 
Robert Gingerich     11 E2  / Grayling
Fran Grabowski     11B2  / Paw Paw
Tammie Grabowski     11B2  / Paw Paw
Dave  Hacker     11D2  / Pearl Beach
Gordon Harris     11 E2  / Central Lake
Dave  Hill     11B1  / Vandercook Lake
Ron Johnson     11D1  / Mayville
David Keller     11D2  / Ubly
Judy  Keller     11D2  / Ubly
Jane Lanaville SD10  / Delta-Menominee County Heart of the North
Tom Lanaville     SD10  / Barkriver
Kim  Leach         11A2  / Lake Orion
James Leach Jr.     11A2 / Lake Orion
Al Lindsey     11A2  / Warren
Jim Lykins     11A2  / Lake Orion
Heather Osip     11A2  / Lake Orion
Martha Owens     11C2  
Jack Patton     11A2  / Lake Orion
Jim Pettinato     11A2  / Lake Orion
Richard Pfeiffer     11A2 /  Washington
Pam Schroeder     11 E1  / Onekama
Terance Treppa     11A1  / Dearborn Heights
Traci  Tribley     11C2  / Greater Perry
Wes  Wagester 11D2  / Almont
Ed Weessies     11C1 / Muskegon North Side
David Wineman     11D2  / USA
Henry Wymore     11D1  / Mayville
Alice Zajac     11D1  / Kingston
David Zeller     11 E2 Alpena