Summer Jobs Available

Kitchen Aide
Cabin Leader
Outdoor Skills Instructor
Waterfront Staff
Waterfront Director
Watercraft Director
Health Safety Officer
Health Safety Officer Asst.
Position Qualifications Weekly Pay
Counselor Must be 18 years of age $224.00

Cabin Leader

Must be 18 years of age & Experience $266.00
Outdoor Skills Instructor Must be 18 years of age & Experience $280.00
Waterfront Staff Waterfront staff must be 17 years of age and certifications
Waterfront Director Boating Director $350.00
Program Coordinator Health Center Assistant Must be 21 years of age, experienced and certifications Commensurate w/experience & Certifications

Returning Staff Pay Incentives

1st Year Return 2nd Year Return 3rd Year Return
+$21.00 / wk +$42.00 / wk +$56.00 / wk
Returning staff members can receive a $50.00 bonus for each staff member they successfully recruit.